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[IP] Re: total carbs per day

While there are many books available for carbohydrate diets,
the total amount of cards and the type of carbs are equally
important in a balanced diet. The amount of carbs needed are
also determined by age, activity and energy expenditure. It
would not be advisable for a growing child to have such
strict limits, not would it be good for an active athlete,
or thin Type 1. If someone has insulin resistance of Type 2
diabetes or pregnancy, or is taking cortisone type
medications, then carb restriction MIGHT be important. I
would agree that the total population of US citizens in
general consume too many starch carbs and fats, and not
enough fruits, veggies, and high fiber grains.The last three
groups contain essential vitamins and minerals.

The topic of carbohydrate restriciton appears very
frequently here. YMMV! It is best to review your own (or
your child's) individual needs with a qualified, registered
dietitian (NOT a person calling himself or herself a
"nutritionist"). Diets low in carbs usually make up for
calories in extra protein and fat. Neither is recommended to
be the main energy source for anyone with DM, be it T1 or T2
or "T1 1/2", as it could lead to or aggravate renal

'Nuff said.  RDs on the list, speak up, please.
You can also check out nutrition guidelines at the
diabetes.org web site. Look for "Clinical Practice
Recommendations" at the left side bar.

Barbara A. Bradley, MS, RN, CDE
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