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[IP] tye1 vs type2

can also give you a better understanding of the changes 
that may occur to you as you age and your disease pro-
gresses." For example, I've never EVER had a blood sugar 
over 340, even during the months just before I went on 
insulin, when I couldn't get my blood sugar down below 
200 no matter what I did. I suspect that this is because 
I'm still producing some insulin. If I ever quit pro-
ducing insulin, I might start seeing the *really* high 
bgs. (I hope not....)

recent research on he pathology of beta cell loss in tpe 2 diabetes
suggests that even as beta cells die off they do not do so totally and some
islets are preserved. this also occurs in type 1 of adulthood. c-peptide
tests are quite useless cliically. they are only respewcted by HCFA which
uses them as a way to deny services. if you never spill ketones than it is
probable you have some beta cell function. diabetes is diabetes, the type
has lttle to do with complicationsand other stuff which i feel is worse in
type 3 than type1.spot
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