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Re: [IP] tenders


  We started out on the Tenders when Josh started on his H-Tron a year ago.  
We couldn't figure that one out either.  They told us that they do it this 
way mostly because the 'newbies' sometimes have a lot of trouble with doing 
sites so they put extra 'sitees only' in the boxes so you don't waste all of 
the tubing too.

  As for changing the tubing each time that is false.  You really only have 
to change the tubing when you change the cartridge.  If you change the tubing 
each time you are throwing away several units of insulin which is a waste.  
Why the companies tell us this is beyond my understanding, but believe me, 
you only have to change the tubings when you change out the cartridges.  
Which means you will use up the site only sets faster but tht is okay too.

  We now use Minimed's Sof-sets with their insertion device and are having 
much better results and less discomfort for Joshua.  Good luck with getting 
started.  If ou have any questions feel free to write to me 
personally:email @ redacted

mom to Joshua
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