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Re: [IP] tenders

Most of us are told to change the site itself every three days and many of us
use less than half of a cartridge of $35.00 insulin in that time. I for
example, will only change the cartridge every week and the sites every three

I'll be dipped before I ditch 1/2 a cartridge of H. and handled correctly, you
won't "contaminate" anything....That just sounds like they're being paranoid
'cause you're new to all this.

Tender 2's are indeed normally packed that way.
Jenny Sutherland
  ----- Original Message -----
  From: Cherie Fambrough
  We were just going through all of our new pump "stuff"
  and I realized that in the Tender box there are 10 sets with
  tubing and 10 sets without tubing.  Why???  We were told that
  we need to change the tubing and set together each time so as
  not to contaminate anything.  Am I wrong or why were the boxes
  shipped like this??  Any ideas??  Haven't called Disetronic
  because of the weekend.
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