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[IP] Does it ever get any easier

So many questions so little time. Keep so busy reading all the good things 
written first time to actually take time to write.  Gabby dx 7/22/00 at 4 
since 5 got her 508 10/22/00. Love the fact that we no longer have to fight 
with her over eating 3 meals and 3 snacks a day. THink have most of her 
sugars going pretty good then a set goes bad or her activity level changes 
this is a very active child with muscles that will bend the soft set but mini 
soft sets wrk really good most of the time.  Still dont know how to deal with 
simple things like babysitters or going out for pizza thanks to you guys i 
knew that pizza digested slow so only gave her bolus for 2/3 of pizza and 2 
hours later she was only 86 and then 2or 3 hrs later she was having a high. 
for what percent of pizza should i bolus her for right away and how much 
later for rest???? we have the same problem with scapoled potatoes and pot 
pies so we mostly avoid them.   At what low sugar level do other kids start 
acting out Gabby seems to have a problem acting up if even goes near 80. Also 
think the pumping insulin book is great but pretty much no info for smaller 
children is this due to the react so differntly?? Gabby base seems to only be 
about 1/3 of her total daily insulin we use a 1 to 4 dilution in her pump and 
the pharmacy gives me all the stuff and i have to mix it myself is this 
Normal??  We go to diabetes camp next weekend and even though i am going with 
her and when she isnt with me there will be plenty of trained personal i am a 
nervous wreck any hints???? so this is so long from a very tired parent we 
are still up twice a night doing sugars since her hospitazion 2 months ago 
with a virus does that go on forrrrrreeeeeeever .  ANy HINTS MUCH APPRECIATED 
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