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[IP] Type I, 1.5, II - How about III

You need to ask your new endo for a GAD 64 antibodies. The presense of
these antibodies confirm that you have or will have type I. It is a
simple blood test and you will know for sure.

I'm a 50year old male - and a little overweight....doc Dx'd me as type
II 4 years ago,
But tried every pill and pill combo - could not control my BG
levels....wife(rn) said to go on
insulin - did that, then doc gave me 10x the insulin - found myself in
hospital, new endo did
GAD test - I'm a type I, Dx'd at 50 years old!!!!
But I am still insulin resistant - therefor my endo calls it a Type III
( I & II) not 1.5
insulin dependent but sensitive.

She is doing intensive research and thinks that in a very few years that
their will be many many
different variations on what Diabetec Types there are.....

Get the test, Insulin works for both....


On the pump since 02/07/2001 !!!! mm508

Enjoy each Day...
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