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[IP] Re: aspirin, a no no for some diabetics

Laura,  It's a question of what potential problems one is worried 
about.  Aspirin is a "blood thinner", meaning it slows down clot 
formation and maybe healing of damaged capillaries.  Thus if you have 
a potential problem with retinopathy, you want to avoid aspirin.  But 
another common potential complication with diabetes is cardiac 
problems, and if this is a worry, you should definitely take aspirin. 
With a father and grand father who died of heart failure, I take one 
regular aspirin a day.  But YMMV as we say.  I don't know of this 
problem with ACE inhibitors

>Can you give us a reference or something for asprin and ace inhibitors
>being a no-no? When we asked Shane's endo about this a couple weeks ago,
>he said he knew of no such problem. But he said that if we could find
>evidence to the contrary to please show it to him. Thanks,
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