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[IP] New Infusion Set from D

Along with 14 other pumpers in the Chattanooga area, I was asked by my endo 
to participate in testing and be a guinea pig for a new infusion set that 
Disetronic is coming out with called the ULTRAFLEX. Having been on the 
Disetronic TENDER from the beginning of my career as a pumper, I was a bit 
apprehensive about using a straight needle employed by the ULTRAFLEX. That 
fear is groundless when compared to the many fine features of the new set. 
Also, one has a choice of 8mm and 10mm needles.
Like the TENDER, it uses an introducer needle to insert the teflon cannula 
that remains inserted.  The greatest feature in my mind is the connecter 
needle that connects the tubing hence the pump to the infusion set. In the 
olden days, using my TENDER, the connecter always had to be inserted in the 
set right side up. Being somewhat visually impaired as I am, this was not 
always easy to determine. With the ULTRAFLEX they have wised up and there is 
no right or wrong side up. Just however you take hold of the thing, you can 
plug it into the infusion set. In other words the thing is totally 
ambidextrous. And as with the other older versions, you get the audible click 
when the needle is correctly and firmly connected. 
There are other notable features as well. The Adhesive patch that holds the 
thing in place, as it comes from the package is shaped like a cowboy hat, and 
slightly upturned on both sides.  When the paper backing is removed, the 
sides remain up until the insertion is complete and then they are pushed down 
and flattened out to do their job. You do not have to try and hold one edge 
of the adhesive patch out of the way while inserting the needle. In my case 
this always resulted in a wrinkled mess that made me wonder if it would hold 
for three days. There is also a built-in disposal unit for the used needle, 
eliminating the need for a sharps container.
I am told that it is universal and will work with other pumps. So far I am 
pleased with it and will keep everyone advised as I continue the test.  BW
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