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Re: [IP] AIDS / Bill Gates / & Funding

Brian of P-I admin,

  I TOTALLY agree with letting this die.  I don't even read them anymore.  
Just delete.  However I just read this one for some reason and now I'm 
wondering...what do you mean by considering this a warning?  A warning from 
what.  Are you and/or Michael considering shutting down this list or what?  I 
believe that people should have a place to go and get POSITIVE or INFORMATIVE 
information, and that beating a dead horse is NOT accomplishing anything, but 
...a warning??  That sounds worse than anything else I've read so far.  
Unless you really have something to back that statement up with I really 
think you over-stepped any bounds that you may have concerning this list!

  Sorry, but this is my opinion of which I'm entittled!

mom to Joshua
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