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Re: [IP] Huh?

Jeanne wrote:
>Regarding having a root beer float now that we are 
>pumping, versus having a root beer float when on 
>injections:  I was asked why I let my daughter have 
>this treat now with the pump, and why she did not 
>have it when on injections.

>Technically, she could have.  However, when Kathleen 
>was still on a routine of 3 - 4 shots per day, the thought 
>of another injection took the joy out of the treat for her.  
>(She's 7, diagnosed 6 months ago.) Not once, when given 
>a choice, did she go for the extra shot.  

Just so. This is, in fact, one of the hardest things to 
explain to people who don't have diabetes. There are no 
"forbidden foods," but when you're on MDI, eating between 
meals is often much more trouble than it's worth. When I 
was on MDI and I was offered a between-meal treat, it was 
always a question: is it worth the extra shot? I don't 
even really mind shots per se, but the inconvenience of 
an extra shot often made me stop and think "how much do 
I really want this?" Even now, an extra snack usually means 
that I need to do at least one extra blood sugar check, so 
it's still not a simple question of hunger and desire.

The problem is that when my friends see me turning down
any food, for any reason (even if it's just "I'm not hungry 
right now") I can tell that they're thinking "Aha! She knows
she shouldn't really eat that!" The idea that there are certain
foods that diabetics can't eat dies hard. It's complicated by
the fact that, for type 2s, there often really *are* forbidden 
(or at least restricted) kinds of foods.

Okay, so we all agree that forbidding kids from eating sweets
is cruel and unnecessary. But let's not pretend that every one
of us can eat whatever we want, whenever we want, with no
fear of the consequences. Even on the pump, the freedom is
not absolute.

/Janet L.

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