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Re: [IP] HELP-highs in the afternoon


  I hate asking this but I had similar experiences with Josh (9yo) recently.  
Could your daughter be having a snack of some sort prior to getting home and 
not bolusing for it?  I have tried to let Josh know that I really don't care 
if he has something to eat, even an occassional piece of candy won't hurt 
him, so long as he boluses for it so he doesn't go high.  I keep trying to le 
him know that it isn't always the stuff he eats that is nurting him, just the 
higher numbers.  I even had a bout of Josh lying about what his BGs were when 
he was checking last October.  And I started to realize that he wasn't 
letting anyone else look at the meter when he did them.  So I started 
checking the meter memory and realized that the numbers in his log were 
nothing like what was on the meter memory.  Kids will sometimes try and tell 
us what they think we want to hear.

  Also, if you can't do fastings at school then do them on the weekends and 
have your daughter stay reasonably as active as she might be at school, not a 
whole lot of running around, but not laying around at home in bed either.

Just a thought.  I would never have believed it could happen to me until it 
really did!!

mom to Joshua
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