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[IP] stem cell xplant

This is a little off topic but still somewhat related
to the pump. My brother is very ill with cancer and is
in need of a stem-cell transplant. I know that you
have to be in good condition to be a donor and thanks
to the pump, my health is good and my HbA1C is 6.7.
Providing my tissue type is compatible....does anyone
here know if diabetes is a deterent in consideration
to be a donor?

In the us, most intitutions will not take you as an apheresis donor for
stem cells, platelets, white cells or platelets. if you pump because the
infusion site is a nidus for infection or may contaminate the blood.
however there is no reason you cannot donate blood.or any other organs
except they don't like to take your kidneysor heart. if your brother needs
a marrow transplant or stem cell transplant you can't donate in the states
but canada may be differentspot
I personally would consider going on mdi for several weeks if I could
donate for m kids or my wife as an apheresis donor.
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