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Re: [IP] Re: Posting Guidelines on SEX

>>At 06:16 pm 2/9/01 Toninette wrote:
>>I"ve tried the double click, the single click, everything, but still only
>>get the IP when I hit reply or reply all.
>Can someone who uses Outlook express help here? I'm almost positive there
>is a way that you can see the whole message... there may be an option
>setting to show or hide them too.

Here is some advice if you are using Outlook Express.

To respond directly to the individual without sending anything to the list

-    Don't hit "Reply" or "Reply All"

either - Double click on the address of the person who sent the message.
That should open up a new message in a new window addressed to the original
person with you as the sender.

or - if the double click doesn't work - Highlight and copy (<ctrl>C) the
address of the original person then click on "New Mail" and paste (<ctrl>V)
the address into the TO: field.

At this point you will have two windows open - the new message and the
original digest message. You can switch back and forth between them cutting
and pasting as needed. The new message window should close when you hit
"Send" and hopefully the message goes where you wanted it to.

Good Luck

Toninette - If that doesn't work you should get a personnel copy of this
message. Reply to it and I will send you more detail (or a phone number if
you want to try to talk through it).
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