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Re: [IP] choosing between pumps


I have been on both the Disetronic and Minimed pumps.  I switched to MM last
November.  The endo that I was with when I originally went to pump therapy
never gave me a choice or let me see either pump.  At that time there were
only MM and D.  I was also never shown the different infusion sets, and had
been using a bent needle set until the past December.

The main reason that I switched was the ease of use that I found with the
MM508 compared to my old D H-tron V100.  I never did learn how to use the
different features of my old D.  I like the ease of using the square wave and
dual wave bolus features.  I also got VERY frustrated while waiting for the
D-tron to be released.  I was originally told August...September...then
October.  And it seemed that D customer support was getting irritated at all
of the calls about when the D-tron would be released...because as time went
on they got a little 'snippier.'

Another reason that I switched my interactions with the MM customer support
and technical support departments.  In October I started to investigate MM
online, the next day I called and spoke with a MM tech support person for
about 30 minutes who answered every question that I had.  After speaking with
him, I had decided that I wanted the MM 508 without even seeing it.  He
contacted my local rep...the local rep call that afternoon and brought it by
for me to see.  I filled out the paper work and got my pump 2 weeks later.
As soon as I got my new pump, I set myself up on it.  The very next day, I
got a call from the MM pump trainer and she came over two nights later and
showed me all of the unique features of the MM.  She also showed me and gave
me a few of the SIL infusion sets and with those, I was even more pleased
with my pump (I will say that ALL types of the infusion sets are available
from both MM and D.)

I gave up the waterproof-ness of the Disetronic for the ease of use and the
ability to square my boluses easily.  But now that I have the SIL infusion
sets, I can just disconnect for a bit to take a shower or go swimming.

Customer support from D was good...when I had insurance that did not cover
the expense of my pump supplies, they let me make payments (that was in the
very beginning for me!)  My reasons for switching were purely 'pump-related.'

Good Luck!  Hope this helps!

Roxanne Villanueva RD, LD
Cleveland, Ohio
IDDM X 18 years, Pumping since 1/4/1995.
Remember...Diabetics are naturally sweet!

In a message dated 2/9/2001 09:28:02 AM Eastern Standard Time,
email @ redacted writes:

> > I am new to the list and am in the process of
> > researching pumps.  I think I
> > have convinced myself to give it a try.  I am trying
> > to decide between the
> > two brands. I have read a lot on the internet about
> > the two pumps but am
> > still undecided.   What are the main differences in
> > your experiences?  What
> > questions should I think about in making my
> >
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