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Re: [IP] Re: Posting Guidelines on SEX

At 03:06 pm 2/9/01 Julie Britt wrote:
 >> > These types of messages may be good for those they are directed to, so
 >> > send those messages directly to that member, don't burden the rest of
 >> > list with your expression.  Send that feeling to the person who inspired
 >> > George Lovelace One of the Admins
 >Not many people include their private email addresses when writing to the
 >group, and it I just hit reply it goes to the list... How do I reply
 >privately to someone in that circumstance?

This may vary from mailer to mailer, but in the FROM: header on your 
message I see: "Julie Britt" <email @ redacted>. This should be the 
case with every message... the FROM header should show the original poster. 
Just make sure that you've clicked on the message to see the whole thing. 
If you are just reading in the "preview mode" you're missing all of this 

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