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[IP] AIDS / Bill Gates / & Funding


This message is to everyone to let this topic DIE.  If you see something 
that you don't agree with on the topic of Bill Gates/ AIDS / Funding please 
DELETE it and lets let this Thread DIE.  We (the Adm team) have sent out 
Requests to let this thread die and it seems that it has not.

Lets set our opinions on this subject aside and agree not to debate this on 
the IP list.  If you want to continue take it OFF the list.  Posting to 
this topic even if it is to defend your believes is just fanning the fire, 
and if you must take it off the list.

If you have questions about the IP policies or questions on this feel free 
to write to me or to help@insulin-pumpers.org

consider this a warning.

One of the Administrators
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