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Re: [IP] Protein/carbs

About a month or so ago, a young man in HS asked for help with a science
project. He wanted us to eat a CHO breakfast for 2 days and test every hour
after, and then for another two days, eat the same CHO but with the addition
of 2oz of Protein.

I did this for him and found that with the toast and juice, I'd easily go from
97-100 up to 230 and at one point 300 on CHO alone, one hour after eating.

The addition of 2 oz Canadian bacon, slowed the BG rise to 150 at it's highest
and sustained the bg for an additional hour and a half. Back to 107 before a

Peanut butter also does this, Egg Beaters did it too.

Jenny Sutherland

  Well spoken Janetwe can rationalize and justify anything we choose. However,
  I tend to agree with your theory that fat and maybe even protein to a lesser
  degree extends the life of the carbos one consumes. I used to take frequent
  midnight rides to the ER with lows (like in the 20's) and my dietician told
  me to include a couple of tablespoons of peanut butter in my bedtime snack.
  So help me I have not had one of those rides
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