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Re: [IP] HELP-highs in the afternoon

> We need help
> The problem we are having is whether or not  Eve boluses at lunch
> she is always a round 400 by the time she comes home from school. I
> understand why she is 400 when she doesnt bolus for lunch but when
> she does, she is still at 350 or 400. She eats breakfast at 6:45 am
> and has lunch at 10:30 am and comes home at 3:00pm. I check her pump
> every day to find out if she has bolus for lunch or not.  This has
> us really stumped. We would like to do basal testing at school but
> she wont and she won't do extra testing in the afternoon at school.

You must do the basal testing. Try to set it up as a treat. She 
agrees to skip lunch and test every hour or so and you bring a treat 
+ lunch to school and spring her from a class during the afternoon. 
This always worked for Lily and she was pleased to have lunch or 
snack with me (and miss class of course). Let her pick whatever she 
wants you to bring and make sure you follow through.

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