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Re: [IP] Traveling to Germany.- Kinda long


I'm sure you'll get lots of good answers.  I'll just share a few useful 
tricks I've discovered for travelling.

1- I travel with a letter from my doc that lists all the supplies I need to 
carry.  That way if there is ever a question, I have it with me.

2- When switching time zones, I change the pump one hour a day toward the new 
time.  That means my basal rates are adjusting at about the same rate as my 
circadian rhythms.  Usually I get tired of this routine on about day five and 
switch all the rest of the way.  Before I used this strategy I always had a 
day of vomiting from DKA when I went to Europe.  Since then, I even have 
pretty good bgs.

3-  I believe in full disclosure, especially if you're going to be staying 
with people.  I usually just tell people that I take care of myself pretty 
well and eat just about anything, but ask them to have plenty of carbs 
around.  The important thing is to give them something they can do, but let 
them know you won't need much from them.

4- Re/the teacher.  That's the hardest one.  I'm guessing she won't "get it" 
easily.  Perhaps a letter from your mom or your doc with a few simple facts 
and reassurances would help.

At fifteen I went and stayed with a family in Vermont for a week.  I knew I'd 
be hiking a lot so I asked them to buy a lot of fruit.  They didn't intrude 
with my diabetes care, but getting the fruit seemed to make them feel more 
secure about the whole thing.

Have fun,

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