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Re: [IP] Diabetes Time Commitment

In a message dated 2/9/01 12:02:08 AM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Joe,
 You have GOT to be kidding! You have three kids and you think you would even
 NOTICE fifty one more things to do in one day?
 Give me a break.
 Diabetes certainly DOES offer us more avenues for adventure, but I would 
 that compared to raising kids it doesn't even RANK!
 Just my opinion and I'm sticking to it.
 Nick Trubov
 email @ redacted >>

"Give me a break" is the killer comment here.  I rarely post things on this 
website yet often  look to it for support.  The attitude of your response 
certainly is not one of support. (Although I do appreciate your defense of 
the art of raising kids!) 

We do all agree to disagree, yet I am a bit put off by this  and fortunately 
am handling life a bit better today than the day of the original post.
 I am wondering what is being gained here by such a response? 

Nick, I was just putting a message out to see if anyone knew of any such 
pieces, quotes, facts or documentation of what it takes to live day to day 
with this disease, for the purposes of personal validation and for a future 
tool to help others understand.

Other posts:
>>I have a few ideas, and one of them is a sort of "day in the life" piece
about living with diabetes, from that first fasting bg check to waking up in
the middle of the night with a hypo, and everything in between.  /Janet L.>>

/Janet L.,

Don't forget the extra, extra flossing we discussed. I always get discouraged
when I see one of my 12 *-ologists* who thinks *he* is my only dr. in my life
and I should do all those instructions. I did at one time have a short list of
all the things I was expected to do and showed it to one of the drs. Didn't
matter. It can get overwhelming for us. (~_^)
Anyway, I think it might help some people understand what
is involved in living with this day to day.
/Janet L.>>
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