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[IP] Upgrade

 SNIP>>>>>>>>>>>Subject: Re: [IP] Upgrading

   Bonnie how long did you have your  507 MM for before you put in for a new

How long did warrenty last?
    Richard <<<<<<<<<<SNIP

My 507 was five years and 3 months old, and I had never had a problem with
it. The buttons had gotten hard to punch.  Key issue was the warrenty was up
The warrenty is 5 years.   The word on the street (i.e., pumpers list) was
that your endo surely wanted you to have a pump with a warrenty.  So I
called my MM rep and the rest is history. 
I asked the list folks about upgrading since warrenty was up and the answers
came back "go for it".  Since my deductible and $1000 cap had been met for
the year, I was thrilled to discover I paid not a penny for the upgrade and
supplies that came with it.   Very lucky and very happy!

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