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[IP] Rotating sites

Bob A said:  SNIP>>>>>>>>.I had an exam three days ago, and the nurse
practioner noticed a knot in my
stomach. Apparently I have injecting in the same spot (right handed- right
side of my tummy)  She suggested I move my shots around. Immediately my
numbers have tanked. 16 tests so far and only two above 100. Some pretty
scary lows lows.
So... we are adjusting insulins accordingly.
Anyone else had this experience?   Since y'all are pumpers, this may be off
topic, so please feel free to contact me off list.  <<<<<<<SNIP

I used my stomach and legs for injections and then when started on pump 5
years ago, I used stomach (actually area between panty waist and bra bottom)
almost exclusively, all around in rotating positions. Being right handed
also, the right side was used most.     Well, about 6 months ago there was
literally no good site left.   I mean not a single spot....and my
stomach/abdomen was a lumpy bumpy mess.   I switched exclusively to legs,
and my numbers have been great.   I have noticed my stomach is beginning to
look like a normal person's again.  But I will probably wait a good bit
longer before going back to that area.  I had just poked it to death.   So
rotating areas and sites is so very important.   Nowadays, the only time I
have a bg over 175 is cause a site is bad...I give it one bolus and check
every 30 minutes for one hour and if the bg doesn't go down by then, I
switch sites.   Works for me, but as always, YMMV!

Bottom line, yeah, rotate sites all over the body.  My next will be arms.
The legs sites are great, but sometimes I have to cut a hole in the IV3000
and put it over the silhouette, before plugging in tubing.   This keeps my
jeans from rubbing edges of tape.  

Good luck to you. 
Bonnie Richardson
Huntsville, AL 
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