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Re: [IP] Upgrading

> Kelly, 
> I upgraded to a 508 in November after the warrenty
> went out on my 507.
> MiniMed handled it all.  I did have to FedEx 90 days
> worth of tests results
> to prove I was testing, and my doc had to write a
> standard letter that
> basically MM wrote and he signed.  MM and the
> insurance company could not
> believe the 1 inch thick pack of paper from copying
> my daily test results
> cause I keep them in my Dayrunner and at home on a
> log sheet.  I do test 6 -
> 10 times a day.   I had a new pump within two weeks.
> My suggestions is to call MM, tell them what you
> want, they will give you a
> reps name, call and let him know (you always have to
> leave a message) and
> once they have the basic info from you, your
> troubles should be over.   Now,
> just between us, I did exagerate a bit on  the
> buttons (activate, select,
> etc.)  They really weren't totally broken, just had
> to push VERY hard.  
> Good luck and keep us posted!
> Bonnie R. 

Here is the latest.  Unfortunatly, it is for my
husbands pump not mine :-(
I sent if off to MM last night with a letter stating
that I did not want it fixed only an estimate for the
cost.  My insurance precerted the $200 for inspection,
so I sent it off. 
Now, I get to hurry up and wait for him. 

On my pump, I think I might just wait until my
warrenty expires in May.  Its hard enough to fight
them on one pump at a time, let alone 2. ;-]
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