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Re: [IP] Traveling to Germany.- Kinda long

Hi , Kristi,
             Hi , how are you doing there?  I am glad that you ask  anyone who
has experiences in airplanes   and  I have  some experiences with travelling  to
USA  rare time.  I can try to make  good suggestion to you so Dont worry about
travelling  Dont  fear  of travelling  because I will tell you  ok   You can
bring  a bag of sugar but  you have to tell  some worker that  you are diabetic
so they will  know  it is about your diabetes   because  I have heard that  some
people lied to staffs  about  small bag of sugar  which it has a real cocaine  .
You should bring  a proof  of  doctor  's signature so they will believe in you
for the reason you bring   like needle  and  a bag of sugar in your pocket  in
case you get low reaction so you can get it faster without asking  waitress for
it and you have to wait for  five to twenty mins   and it saves your time.
            I want to congratulate you for  going to Germany .  Can you tell me
which  Germany  i mean  west or east  because  I have been tried to search for
one  nice  deaf  woman  whom I love her so much as good friend for many years  .
I heard her  last time  long time   but  I have heard that  she moved to Germany
but  I just need a proof so I can tell some deaf people who have heard  many
rumours about her and she is married to a soldier somewhere  . If it is not
working , dont worry about it  because  my cousin who used to be soldier and she
went to Germany  for  few months . Maybe  you ask  people who knows where  the
soldier building  is located so you inform me later  ok   ok ok   If you are in
Germany ,  you can e mail me faster from Germany than  holding  informations  til
you arrive home to e mail me .  ok  My e mail address is
email @ redacted  and  you can try to do your best  and  you can find
out more informations from  some soldiers so maybe they knows who a deaf woman
whom she married to husband so  you can inform me  her married last name  ok
           I will pray for you to be protected by  million of God's  angels while
you travel . I will tell you some  of my testimonies later when you want to ask
me any questions  ok and you are welcomed to ask me  ok  I am deaf  ok

Your friend  Shawn B

email @ redacted wrote:

> Hello,  I don't write much to the list, but read a lot of the emails.  I am
> 17 yrs old and have had diabetes for 10 yrs, I have been on an insulin pump
> for 2 yrs.  I was accepted into the German exchange program, which means I
> will be going to Germany with my school in June for 3 weeks.  I am very
> excited but have a few questions on traveling:
> ~I know that I will have to bring a lot of supplies, and that its good to
> overpack.  Has any who has traveled before have any problems with taking
> supplies with them?
> ~In March we will be having the German exchange student come here for a
> visit,  I will be staying with one of these students in June, when I go
> there.  My teacher who doesn't really understand diabetes wants me to tell
> this student about having diabetes.  What should I tell her withoput having
> her get scared about me staying with her in Germany?
> ~As I already mention my teacher doesn't really know much about diabetes.  We
> are planning to meet before we leave for Germany to go over what diabetes is.
>  I have found that she gets very nervous around me when I get low,  what
> should tell her about diabetes? I don't want her to get scared, but she knows
> that I am responsable, and that I do everything on my own. I find that she
> gets very nervous, when I get low.
> ~How would I change the time on the pump when traveling to Germany, do I just
> change it to the right time when I get there, or do I change it gradually
> while on the plane?  It's about a 7 hour flight from here, in Pennslyvania.
> ~Has anyone had problems with traveling with the pump on the plane?  I
> haven't heard anything, just wondered about it.
> Sorry about this being long.  Thanks Kristin
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