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[IP] Huh?

>>	Today was report card day at school.  Before getting the diabetes diagnosis 
last summer, a GOOD report card always called for a trip to "Sheldon's" 
Pharmacy, where they have an old-fashioned ice cream counter.  When Kathleen 
was on injections, we had to skip our trip to Sheldon's, as our afternoon 
snack didn't allow for as many carbs as Sheldon's had.  (This caused sad 
faces for Kathleen and her sister.)

HOWEVER!!!! Kathleen started on a Disetronic H-Tron on January 16, 2001.  
Guess what - we went to Sheldon's for a root beer float!  After watching the 
counter man making the float (chocolate syrup, milk, 1 scoop vanilla, 1 scoop 
chocolate, & diet root beer), we figured it was around 74 grams of carbs - we 
did a bolus, and enjoyed!	<<


I think I have already had TOO much COFFEE tonight.

I have been sending email to a lot of folks.

But this one just reminded me how stupid I am...

Is there something about PUMPING insulin that makes it possible to have a root
beer float (we call 'em brown cows)? It IS the same insulin, isn't it? It goes
into the same body, doesn't it? it goes in the same spot even! (Sorry Dr

Now, what is the problem with just taking an injection of seven units of humalog
or regular insulin and eating the damn donut? For twenty five of my thirty seven
years as an insulin dependent diabetic taking as many injections as my eating
required I have not, yet, been able to see what the reason for "depriving" kids
of ANY age of their hard earned "treats". You can do it with the pump, you can
do it without the pump.

Of course I could be wrong. No wait, I am NEVER wrong. I thought I was wrong
once, but I was mistaken.

Nick Trubov
email @ redacted
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