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Re: [IP] My angiogram/laser treatments

part of original message:
<If anyone has had laser before and can let me know what to expect and
if there any shoulds or shouldn'ts please tell me>

Hi Yerachmiel,

I have had over 50 laser treatments in both eyes. You need to avoid
heavy lifting, sex, etc., for a few days after the treatments. At least
that's what I was told. You should also get someone else to drive you
home. I hated the light that is shone in your eye as they do it, but
most of my treatments were done over 15 years ago, and the machines have
improved. I am apparently quite sensitive to light anyway, so maybe you
won't have this problem. I'll talke a laser treatment over an MRI any
day, just to rate unpleasant experiences...the laser is much faster!

Hope this helps.

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