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[IP] Traveling to Germany.- Kinda long

Hello,  I don't write much to the list, but read a lot of the emails.  I am 
17 yrs old and have had diabetes for 10 yrs, I have been on an insulin pump 
for 2 yrs.  I was accepted into the German exchange program, which means I 
will be going to Germany with my school in June for 3 weeks.  I am very 
excited but have a few questions on traveling:

~I know that I will have to bring a lot of supplies, and that its good to 
overpack.  Has any who has traveled before have any problems with taking 
supplies with them?

~In March we will be having the German exchange student come here for a 
visit,  I will be staying with one of these students in June, when I go 
there.  My teacher who doesn't really understand diabetes wants me to tell 
this student about having diabetes.  What should I tell her withoput having 
her get scared about me staying with her in Germany?

~As I already mention my teacher doesn't really know much about diabetes.  We 
are planning to meet before we leave for Germany to go over what diabetes is. 
 I have found that she gets very nervous around me when I get low,  what 
should tell her about diabetes? I don't want her to get scared, but she knows 
that I am responsable, and that I do everything on my own. I find that she 
gets very nervous, when I get low.  

~How would I change the time on the pump when traveling to Germany, do I just 
change it to the right time when I get there, or do I change it gradually 
while on the plane?  It's about a 7 hour flight from here, in Pennslyvania.  

~Has anyone had problems with traveling with the pump on the plane?  I 
haven't heard anything, just wondered about it. 

Sorry about this being long.  Thanks Kristin
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