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Re: [IP] what to tell the kids

>If anyone whose grown up with diabetes has any
>suggestions on how to handle this, please speak up.
>It's very hard.


Congrats on being a great mom and seeking input on this issue!  It's one of
my favs as I grew up from age 9 with DM and have strong feelings on this

Briefly, as a 9 year old, I was well aquainted about complications and this
was OK with me.  At age 9; such things seem as far away as old age.  Note
#1:  A kid must know these don't happen overnight but are a long ways off
if at all.  That helps.

However, I was lied to.  I was told over & over that if I kept "good
control"; I would never get complications.  I did the best i could.  I
still got complications several decades later.  Note #2:  DO NOT LIE to
kids.  They must understand that no matter how well they work at good DM;
complications may occur anyway!  Otherwise when one is diagnosed with a
complication we tend to blame ourselves and not the disease.  This creates
guilt, anger and depression in many cases.

Deal optimistically and realistically with the FACTS:  Good control makes
us feel better.  Good control *will* delay complications.  Whether or not
we get complications depends on things we do not yet understand.  "However;
it is important to keep good control in case you are one of the many who
will not get complications until old age".  I wish I had been told this.

Speaking as a 9 year old; please do not lie to me.  My last ten years would
have been so much easier if I had known that it's my genetics and not my bg
control that dicatate when I'll lose 100% kidney function etc.

Now a days; we can tell kids that a control is near - probably within 10
years at last!  And hence, the goal is simply to stay healthy until the
perfect control is developed.  for the first in history; closed-loop pumps
and cell transplants are looking viable in the next 10-20 years!  Wow!
Kids today are so fortunate!  They have more to look forward to then I did,
28 years ago!

Go for it, Marina.  Tell him the truth he deserves.  It's a wonderful truth!

Darrin Parker
Nova Scotia, Canada!
Pumping for 2 months thanks to the support of wonderful internet friends!
In 5 days on the pump I obtained better control than I had done in 27 years
of MDI!  (To date:  50% improvement in average bg's and 85% fewer hypos)!
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