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Re: [IP] Glucagon question

I got diabetes in the old days of urine testing.  I had several sever
reactions in my sleep
and had Glucagon about 7 times.  I got sick a couple
of times (never spit up though) and a couple of times I did not.  I am not
sure if I got sick from the
Glucagon or the rebound. Your BS will go sky high after one of these things.

Anyhow, I would not want to take the Gluc for demo purposes. I am sure it's
not good for your liver.

BUT, on the other hand, it is one thing to practice dry runs and
quite another thing to actually do it.... all alone...with a convulsing

I say this because I had a girl friend who said "Oh sure, I can do that."
Then.... while we were on a trip together, I had a reaction in my sleep.
flipped out ...forgot all about the Glucagon..she telephoned her brother,
girl friend, my mother and finally the EMS.

I woke up in the hospital, with my tongue bit nearly in half and every
muscle in my
body wrenched.  I tore several ligaments in my back.  I really hurt myself.

My point is when (and if) the moment of truth comes...you want him to be
ready for it.

Have him mix an expired package for practice.
Then I would also have him practice with the bolus (really give you a couple
of shots
and remember he may have to hit a moving target if you are convulsing)
...and have him understand
that he can't hurt you with the Glucagon injection.  The rule is if you are
unconscious...he is to give the Glucagon. Otherwise, he will sweat bullets
worrying if it is the right thing to do.

If he is still around after all this...you have a good one.

Oh, another thing to tell him...when you wake up...you will be soaking wet
COLD....really COLD. A couple of blankets will make a world of difference
for you.-James
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