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Fw: [IP] what to tell the kids

> Marina, Im 42 years old and Ive had T1 for 30 years. My eyes, kidneys,
nerves, legs and everything else are still good. I have had trigger finger
surgery, and diabetes may have had a role, but it was blamed on repetitive
motion at work and I won a workers comp claim for it. I and some others on
this list can show that complications are NOT inevitable.I was fairly
uncontrolled as a teen, thinking it didnt make any difference and there were
no meters then anyway. I took more control with wisdom of age and
technological advances.I just started pumping Dec 26, 2000 to keep me
healthy for the day a cure comes. I know theres no guarantees that good
control will prevent complications, but the DCCT clearly showed that it
delays them. That delay may be enough so that we may still be
"uncomplicated" when a cure comes. Keep in control and best wishes.
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