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[IP] Re Cinnamon

August 15, 2000

I found the following article by doing a search on the web.  Nothing is said
about Type 1 and cinnamon, but hey, if it works...
Denise Guerin
Type 1 46 years
Mnimed 507 2 1/3 years.

Cinnamon To Treat Diabetes II

Lab tests conducted in the US suggest that a substance extracted from
cinnamon may lessen or completely eliminate the effects of adult-onset
diabetes. The scientists discovered that an active ingredient in cinnamon
increases the body's responsiveness to insulin. In adult-onset diabetes, fat
and muscle cells gradually lose their ability to respond to insulin, with
the result that surplus glucose can no longer be eliminated from the blood.

By taking cinnamon, glucose metabolism may be increased by a factor of
twenty, say the researchers. Cinnamon contains a special polyphenol
(methylhydroxy chalcone polymer MHCP), which makes the fat cells more
receptive to insulin. The researchers believe that one teaspoon of cinnamon
a day may be enough to stimulate a patient's metabolism sufficiently. Over
the course of the next year, this theory will be tested in a study on
Diabetes II patients.
Source: New Scientist, Aug 12, 00
Research: Richard Anderson, US Agricultural Research Service's Nutrition
Labs; Beltsville, Maryland
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