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Re: [IP] switch to "adult" endo

> I was wondering at what age you need to switch your child from a
> pediatric endocrinologist to an "adult" endo.  And was there a
> transition period for you when you saw both  or were you just cutoff
> at a certain age and that was that.

Interesting question. Last time I looked, there were less than 500 
ped endos in the country. That means that many kids see an adult endo 
anyway -- my daughter is one. The available ped endos at the Stanford 
Childrens hospital only in the last couple of years have adopted pump 
therapy and still discourage it by throwing barriers in the way. My 
son (16) has a friend who is diabetic and on MDI who was told by his 
Stanford kid endo that if he wanted a pump, he would have to take a 
training class that would take 6 months. Now I don't know if those 
were his actual words, but that was the message that was conveyed. 
Lily has an aquaintence on the soccer team (last year, she has 
dropped out now) that was dx'd over the summer. Likewise, she uses 
the clinic at Stanford and her parents have not been successful in 
starting her on pump therapy. I've talked to the mom and while she is 
a little scatterbrained, it's pretty clear that she's been 
discouraged from seeking pump therapy for her 16 yo daughter.

I guess the point is that if you have a good endo, stay with them as 
long as you can. Pediatricians see their patients sometimes until 
they are in their early 20's and finally graduate from college. Go 
with the flow :-)

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