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Re: [IP] [I] Frank Garcia's rant

Dear Sir.
If you have lost friends who were infected with HIV/AIDS from a bad blood
transfusion or a bad dose of Factor 8, perhaps you would see his point.

I myself have lost three friends to AIDS and two of them were church
missionaries overseas who got bad blood after (seperate) auto accidents. The
third got bad factor 8.

None of these folks took risks and none of them 'wanted' to die.

Maybe it is this type of generalizing which propogates hatred and intolorance.
It is this generalizing which tars most-if not all-diabetics as a bunch of
'fat-lazies' who think exercise is getting up to get the TV remote.

Mainly the point I got out of Dr. Bender's letter is that their are social
courtesies and guidelines within which we all must live. The 'all caps' manner
in which Frank Garcia was trying to make his point was offensive sir, and like
it or not, the moral ethos he was trying to promote also holds true in

Many folks suffer violence through intolorance, others suffer a daily 'uphill
battle' to escape the generalities of society toward our condition(s).

I have some opinions which are not the politically-correct "Flavour of the
Month", but I see no need in being rude or insulting about them. Please do us
the same courtesy.

It is part of many people's upbringing that: "if we cannot say something nice,
we should not say anything at all". I feel that this adage is true. One can
make a point without being mean-spirited.

Most Sincerely,
Jenny Sutherland
  ----- Original Message -----
  From: America Perez-Garcia

  Dear Mr. Bender. Like you said this is America and everybody is entitled to
  their opinions and asking someone to shut up because you don't like what
  that person said is not the right we have here in America.
  America Perez-Garcia
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