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[IP] what to tell the kids

Regarding how to handle questions about diabetes, I
never told my son about the complications.  I always
skirted around the issue by just saying that he should
do the best he could to manage diabetes and that we'd
always be there for him to help him in any way.  But
that wasn't enough.  About 3 weeks ago he came home
from school and told me that he'd been on the internet
during computer class.  He went to an almanac site and
typed in "diabetes".  He asked me if these things were
going to happen to him.  I immediately knew what he
meant and all I can say is that we had a good cry
together.  He does everything he can, I do everything
I can but nothing we do will guarantee future health. 

If anyone whose grown up with diabetes has any
suggestions on how to handle this, please speak up. 
It's very hard.

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