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[IP] Effect of Cinnamon on Blood Sugar

     The last two days, I've had oatmeal for breakfast, and I like to 
     add cinnamon to it.  I'm talking Quaker Oats Apples & Cinnamon, 
     with a bunch of cinnamon dumped on top.
     Both days, within two hours, my blood sugar has been normal to low. 
     Usually, if I get the carb count right, it takes three hours for 
     the insulin to get me back to normal.  And, the last two days, by 
     three hours after breakfast, I've been below 60.
     I know I've had good carb counts the last two days, but I'm 
     wondering if the cinnamon may be having an effect.  I vaguely 
     remember reading somewhere about cinnamon decreasing insulin 
     resistance in Type 2's - so I'm thinking that for a food with 
     a lot of cinnamon, I may need to adjust my bolus down.
     Does anyone have any ideas about this?  Thanks.
     Matt (who will never again post pickup truck/NASCAR references)
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