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[IP] managing expectations

>I'm beginning to understand that this is NOT perfect, 
>but it IS better than MDI. I think somewhere down 
>inside me I wanted this to be a "cure" even though I 
>KNOW it is not. 

Yes. I think this is something that we all have to deal
with in one way or another. In the back corner of my
mind, even though I knew it was irrational, I thought 
that the pump would solve all my problems. It hasn't.
It hasn't even solved all of my diabetes-related problems.
But it's still a huge improvement. Every few days I ask
my husband "Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE 

>Strange? Well it just says something 
>for the hope we will not let die . . . . 

Hope is as essential as insulin.

/Janet L.

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