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[IP] Re: Josh at site change times


I write as a former diabetic child, diagnosed at the same age as Josh.  My 
guess is that site change is just a time when your son allows himself a 
moment to be a baby.  I remember doing this myself.  I tolerated insulin 
injections, but would fuss and cry when a doctor gave me a shot.  It puzzled 
all the grownups in my life and like you they searched for rational 

Now that I'm a 44 year old grownup, I believe that I couldn't afford to fuss 
all the time -- I had to take care of my diabetes.  So, in this one situation 
I would indulge my sense of the terrible injustice of the whole thing.  
Perhaps it is the same for Josh.  It seems a quite sensible solution to me.  
After all, site change occurs only every other day.  If he accepts the 
disease most of the time, this is a small problem.

As a parent, I know it is difficult for you.  But, as a former diabetic 
child, I'm pretty sure Josh will work this out.

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