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Re: [IP] Diabetes Time Commitment?

>I once remember reading somewhere that the diabetic person has 51 more tasks 
>per day to complete than a person with a functioning pancreas.  I don't know 
>where or when I read it but that fact stuck with me and gives me validation 
>sometimes when I wonder why I feel so freaked out by tasks.  Does anyone know 
>of any study, fact or documentation of the daily, weekly, or monthly time 
>commitment it takes to manage one's diabetes?  It would be interesting 
>information to know and also quite possibly  to use in advocacy efforts.

This is sort of related to your question: When my Salon article 
about going on the pump came out, several people asked me 
whether I was going to write more essays about diabetes. I have 
a few ideas, and one of them is a sort of "day in the life" piece 
about living with diabetes, from that first fasting bg check to 
waking up in the middle of the night with a hypo, and everything
in between.

Anyway, I think it might help some people understand what
is involved in living with this day to day.

/Janet L.

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