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[IP] Odd heart rate

I had a question that maybe someone has experienced something similar.
I've known for a while that my pulse is 100 at rest sometimes, but in gym
yesterday we had to test for a recovery rate (for example, my best friend
went from 160 to 110) but I went UP from 160 to 165.  It was also 200 the
day before after walking for only 5 minutes.  But, see, I'm 20 years old
with good blood pressure and cholesterol...aren't i kinda young to be
experiencing this?  I'm going in to the doctor today and my prof is
putting a heart monitor on me on Friday, but does anyone else have any
ideas as to what is going on?
Thanks, and you can email me privately, if you want- email @ redacted
Carmen Mayo
dx'd 4/9/97 
pumping 5/23/00
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