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Re: [IP] A reply to Melissa's letter - great job, Melissa!

i know when i was growing up and especially in junior high, i had all those 
"why me" and "i'm sooo different" feelings..... and i dont know that there is 
anything you really can do to take them totally away!  feeling different is 
something that no child i would imagine likes to feel... and i know i didnt 
like it!  i went through the whole denial stage, eat anything you want stage, 
embarrassed stage, dont give my shot stage, etc....... as i'm sure many of 
you have!
i woudl think the best way to approach it or a good way is to just explain 
that sometimes things happen to people and it only makes them a better 
person!  i know i have learned soooooooo much more about people and medicine 
and the whoel medical field type of things that i KNOW i would have never 
learned if it werent for my diabetes and research!
i dont know.... just blabbing here......LOL
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