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RE: [IP] A reply to Melissa's letter - great job, Melissa!

> you wrote about how will
> you tell your child about their diabetes. My
> daughter is three years old and
> I'm still trying to find the right words when she
> starts asking. Pretty soon
I wonder what the
> future holds for my little
> girl and I can't avoid thinking about the
> complications. It's hard to think
> what the future might hold for her with her diabetes
> but I try not to think
> about those complications.

I know this might be hard for some parents because
they don't realize that they are doing it, but please
when your daughter gets older PLEASE don't tell her
each and every day that she will loose her feet or
have to go on dialysis or not be able to have
My mother told me this each and every day and it did
nothing for my control.  I was having a hard enough
time and then to have her say these things made me
give up on myself.  I had nightmares and still do,
about having my feet amputated or not being able to
have children--thanks to this list, I am feeling a
little better, but still.
If there is only one thing you never do in this life,
please don't do this!!

"If I had only known, I would have been a locksmith."
--Albert Einstein
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