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[IP] Diabetes Time Commitment?

I once remember reading somewhere that the diabetic person has 51 more tasks 
per day to complete than a person with a functioning pancreas.  I don't know 
where or when I read it but that fact stuck with me and gives me validation 
sometimes when I wonder why I feel so freaked out by tasks.  Does anyone know 
of any study, fact or documentation of the daily, weekly, or monthly time 
commitment it takes to manage one's diabetes?  It would be interesting 
information to know and also quite possibly  to use in advocacy efforts.

Spending the morning attempting to download a logbook, to no avail, reading 
my Accucheck Complete user's guide, adjusting my basals on my pump, 
calling/holding for the home medical supply service and being on hold with my 
new  insurance company led me to pose this question!  ( Of course this is all 
inbetween management of my 3 kid's major "issues" of the day, a high-an 
overbolus, a low, a Sears Repairman call and it's not even 11:00!)  The 
discipline it takes to focus is overwhelming.
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