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Re: [IP] Fat

On 7 Feb 2001, at 20:48, Alexander wrote:
> >OK I'll ease off a bit, to much
> >fat at lunch blew my bg's all out of whack so I'm just venting or something
> >like that. 

wombn << still learning asked:
>fat does that?!?!?

Two ways. One I've seen you talk about yourself: fat tends to slow 
down the rate at which carbs are metabolized (I think that it's mostly
because it slows the rate at which the stomach empties, but I'm sure
there's more to it than that). So, many of us find that a high-fat meal 
can cause highs hours later. That's what the extended bolus is for, 
but I find that high-fat meals are still harder to control.

The second way that fat works on blood sugar metabolism is a bit
more controversial. It's been argued (and I have no idea how good
the actual evidence is) that eating a lot of fat tends to cause insulin 
resistance. This makes sense to me. I find that after a real fat binge, 
my bgs can be affected a day later, long after I've stopped feeling 
"full."  But I've found that it's *always* a mistake to eat a big, 
high-fat meal in the late evening, because I'm bound to wake up 
with a sky-high bg, even if I get up several times during the night 
to check my blood sugar.  Of course, late evening is often when 
non-diabetics want to go out for pizza or banana splits!

But so many things can affect blood sugar that it's always a question 
what the real "culprit" is. Speaking strictly for myself, one of the 
occupational hazards of being diabetic is the compulsion to try to 
figure out what's causing fluctuations in bgs. The problems is that 
there's no way to do a really controlled experiment, so mostly I 
work on anecdotal evidence, which I interpret as best I can. Then I 
get attached to my theories, so if something happens that doesn't 
fit the theory, I may just explain it away or ignore it. It's all part of 
trying to exert more control. Humans are very good at rationalizing.

In other words, take everything I say with a grain of salt....  :}

/Janet L.

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