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[IP] Once again thanks!

Hello List folk,

Well, things are going better here at new pumper central. Lauren, of course,
has been much better than me all along! On Monday I called the endo and
cried "uncle!" at the advice of Laurie Rosen (thanks!) and now he's been
calling all the time checking on us. I also was able to get my school nurse
to call another school nurse (thank you Mary D!) and while she has a
loooongggggg way to go, at least she's starting to realize she needs to
learn something here. Our #'s are evening out a bit, and I'm beginning to
understand that this is NOT perfect, but it IS better than MDI. I think
somewhere down inside me I wanted this to be a "cure" even though I KNOW it
is not. Strange? Well it just says something for the hope we will not let
die . . . . one thing I'm wondering: we have never had to file a 504 because
our school has been great. But I have decided to do one now. Do I call the
principal? Guidance? How do I get it started?

Thank you all so much!

Lauren's mom
Lauren (9) has been pumping for three weeks now
"With love, with patience and with faith, she'll make her way." -- Natalie

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