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[IP] Re: Using the Remote & Kid Stuff

Hi there: Someone was asking about using the remote.  I used it for the first
4 months (my son has been pumping 6 months now!) and it was really good, but I
always had to be right beside the pump, pretty close anyways, and I found I
would take it out to check.  SOOO...now I never use the remote and our
batteries have lasted for over 39 days! Before when using the remote all the
time the batteries made it maybe 28 days or so.  I had thought I could have
used the remote to bolus my son across the table at McDonalds! (LOL, that was
my dream!) Well I can't it is too far away and I never felt comfortable just
listening for the beeps.

NOW, my 5 year old son can bolus himself!  I stand far away and tell him the
.6 (or whatever)
(show someone to check the number--preschool teacher or me!)

ANd he has caught on so well!!  He counts up the numbers as he goes.  I have
him bolus himself over the phone sometimes to practice and he is right on.  Of
course he is ALWAYS supervised so I feel very confident that when he is in
Kindergarten next year he can do a lot of his care while he is away from me.
I bought a cell phone just for this exact thing.  He can call me and I can
tell him what needs to be done.  What a lucky Mom I am!!

Shelly Tyler (Bretton's Mom!)
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