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[IP] Re:last week of last trimester query

I'm down to the wire--about ten days to go until inducement, and suddenly
this week I"m having more lows that are quite severe. I feel like I"m
back on MDI. I'm only around 50 or so, but I need 2-3 times normal
amounts of tabs or raisins or whatever to bring me up, and sometimes
pretzels or popcorn to stay there--with no bolus for any of this. And an
hour or two later I'm in the low 100s. Also, I stay in the low 100s now
for the remainder of the time, which is great, except I feel weak and low
all the time. I'm all of a sudden constantly eating, and I can't seem to
fill up. I don't want to gain any more weight, and this baby is already 8
pounds, and growing. Also, I can't sleep most nights, and make up for it
by sleeping during the day, but my sleep is in 2-3 hr intervals (I know,
preparing me for baby). But could this lack of sleep at night be part of
the cause for the blood sugars? Does the anti-insulin hormone produced
during pregnancy decrease at this point? Could it be decreasing, and this
means my placenta is beginning to deteriorate, and I should call my OB? 
Looking for others' experiences with this.


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