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[IP] Remotes in the Jewelry box

 SNIP>>>>>>>From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] BATTERY LIFE???

how long do the batteries in the MM508 usually last?  also, do any of you
the little remote control thingie that comes with the pump?<<<<<<<SNIP

I have had a 508 for 4 months now (upgraded from a 5 year old 507) and was
so excited about the remote thingy.   However, after using it maybe a dozen
times, and still needing to SEE the screen to be sure, I quite using it.
When I had my pump set on the  "RF" setting to use the remote, it went
through a set of batteries in 3 weeks.  Because, as I am told, that feature
causes the pump to check every five seconds for any remote action and that
eats up batteries.  So I turned the RF off and my remote now sits in my
jewelry box.   Go figure! I really SHOULD start using it more, specially
when days like yesterday when I had lunch out, and was wearing a
dress.....and tuck my pump in my pantyhose top.....I was situated so that I
could not discreetlyl lift my skirt and get to my pump, which has frequently
been the case when wearing dresses.   And I really didn't want to leave the
table at that point...so I just bolused after I got back in my car headed
back to work.  Don't like to do that.   

The batteries seem to be lasting 4-6 weeks.  
Bonnie R. 
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