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[IP] You Said It!!!

> I've never felt this normal in my life.


You have hit the nail on the head with that one simple powerful statement!
A few weeks (?) ago, someone considering the pump wrote in to the list
saying "convince me"...you've given the perfect response.  This is also what
I would offer to any parents considering a pump for their child, & worried
about any stigma attached <g> to having a constant attachment...for children
(not even necessarily diabetic ones) ANYTHING you can do to lessen feelings
of being "abnormal" (childhood Type 1's out there...you probably know this
way better than the rest of us!) is a gift beyond measure.  In the realm of
emotional well-being alone, this can be a tool that has the potential to
change their lives!

Your quote goes to the top of my list (properly credited, of course!) of
"responses for those who ask about pumping"...thank you!!

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