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[IP] Re: Bedtime BGs and the Pump

Gina writes:
> << i know 120 is normal (i've been IDDM for 19 years)....... but once i
> 120,
> i keep going down...... my doc has had me treat 120 as a mild low so when
> around there i will always eat!


My mom (who is currently diagnosed as Type 2...we'll see...) follows a
similar pattern to what you are describing.  I am trying to encourage her to
do the three-day continuous glucose moniter hookup, so she & her doctor can
really see what her specific patterns are, & treat them in the best way
possible, instead of him just having her keep them between 150 & 200.  (NOT
the best plan, where long-term complications are concerned!!)  You might
want to consider looking into that.  From what I understand (some on the
list have done this - I'm sure they could provide more specific info), it
tracks the trends of highs & lows so that you can better determine what your
insulin needs are, & set up your pump to provide for them.

Also - When I was on MDI, I had a LOT of nighttime lows, sometimes below
twenty...other than the occasional bizarre circumstance now, that has been
pretty much eliminated since pumping.  Life is GOOD!!

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