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Re: [IP] I find the infusion set uncomfortable.

On 7 Feb 2001, at 21:27, RoseLea wrote:

> David Adams asked:
> >>Do other people experience this kind of background discomfort? Is there a
> way to make it go away? Do you get used to it? Is it more psychological than
> physical?<<
> I use the Tender/Silhouette and I rarely, if ever, feel it.  In fact, I have
> to run my hand around my tummy to remember where it put it.

Missed the beginning of this thread......

I use Micro QR (SofSet 6 mm).  At first, every site was a bit sore.  
After a few rotations, I rarely feel it now in any site.  

Sometimes, it'll ache for an hour or so.  But that goes away.  Then 
it doesn't ache again until I leave it in too long (5 days).

I noticed the same "adjustment" (ache) period with finger-pricking, 
Regular and Lente, then with Humalog (by injection) and then again 
with these infusion sets and the tubing too.  I think my body has to 
be convinced that it's an "ok thing just get used to it already!"  :-)
I've wondered though......  I've gained at least 10-12 lbs since 
starting the pump (which is a GOOD thing) and I wonder if the 
aching has stopped because I now have more fat to put the set 
into...  ?
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